Matsie Memorial Medical Fund

The Matsie Memorial Medical Fund was established in 2017 after we had an influx of medical emergencies for the children in our sponsorship program who suffer from life threatening illnesses, but as individuals we did not have the funds to help cover their medical costs. Wanting to help these suffering children as God has called us to do, we established a fund that others could donate to that would directly go towards helping children in their times of need.

Our organization uses Allegro Solutions, a secure and tax-deductible way for you to donate online.  This can be done via check, credit card, or by directly withdrawing from your bank account, and can even be set up to do automatically.  Allegro will acknowledge your donation, send you receipts regularly, and keep records of your donations for your tax purposes- making it easier for you to give to Pfunanane.

Click HERE to donate to the fund. Please be sure to include the account designation code: SAfr-Myr.003