Make a Payment

There are two easy ways to complete your sponsorship payments – mailing a check or online. For both check and online payments, you may choose to pay the full year amount upfront or on a monthly basis. Please refer to the instructions below for how to complete your payment.

If you prefer to send your payment via check, please mail it to this address:

Allegro Organizational Solutions
5535 Memorial Dr., Ste. F-811
Houston, TX 77007 USA

In the memo line please include the account code SAfr.myr.002 so that the payment goes to the right place!

If you prefer to pay online, below is an easy and safe way to do so!

Click the orange “pay here” button to be directed to the payment page on Allegro Organizational Solution’s site. On the payment page there will be an “account designation” box. In the box type in the account code SAfr.myr.002 so that your payment goes to the right place! You may also put your child’s name in the “additional comments” section- though we know by the sponsors’ name who it is for.

Pay Here

What is Allegro?

Allegro Organizational Solutions is an excellent organization that we use to manage our sponsorship finances. All payments are tax deductible, and Allegro sends receipts for each payment to make this easier for sponsors. Their secure website is simple to use, and payments can even be set up to be automatically withdrawn or charged to your credit card. If you would like more information about Allegro and how it works, click here.

If you have any problems with your payment (i.e. payment doesn’t process, wrong amount given, etc.) then please contact Allegro directly. Call 1(713)-874-1519 or e-mail