We know God will provide…and He often uses people to do that!  Like the missionaries and volunteers who work directly with the children, each donor is truly a partner in the work God is doing through Pfunanane Ministries. We are deeply thankful for your support because we receive no government subsidies. We are also extremely respectful of what we are given, working to make sure that nothing is wasted and that everything is used where it’s needed the most.

Donations go to providing:

  • Loving, stable homes
  • Food and medical care
  • Educational tuition

We are now using Allegro Solutions, a secure and tax-deductible way for you to donate online.  This can be done with a credit card or directly withdrawing from your bank account, and can even be set up to do this automatically.  Allegro will acknowledge your donation and send you receipts regularly, making it easier for you to give to Pfunanane and keeps a record of your donations for tax purposes.

Choose how your donation will be used:

MISSIONARIES:  Donations support the missionaries who make Pfunanane possible.  This includes the missionary parents who run the Children’s Homes and teach at Pfunanane Academy.

Click HERE to read about our missionaries and how you can support them! 

SPONSOR A CHILD: Donations go directly to a sponsored child’s fees for clothing, school fees, school supplies and other direct needs. These funds are handled through Allegro Organizational Solutions – click below to be directed to the payment page of the Allegro website. The Allegro account number for sponsored children is SAfr-Myr.002. Please write your child’s name in the “additional comments” section.


If you would prefer to pay by check, you can mail it to:

Allegro Organizational Solutions
5535 Memorial Dr., Ste. F-811
Houston, TX 77007 USA

Just add SAfr-Myr.002 and your child’s name to the memo portion of the check.

MATSIE MEMORIAL MEDICAL FUND: The Matsie Memorial Medical Fund was established in 2017 after we had an influx of medical emergencies for the children in our sponsorship program who suffer from life threatening illnesses, but as individuals we did not have the funds to help cover their medical costs. Wanting to help these suffering children as God has called us to do, we established a fund that others could donate to that would directly go towards helping children in their times of need. The Allegro account number for the Matsie Memorial Medical Fund is SAfr-Myr.003. In the comments field, simply write ”Medical Fund”.


GENERAL FUNDS: Donations are used for things such as running the school, building new classrooms, supporting the Meal Program, starting the Therapeutic Riding Program, and building a Skills Development Program.  If you choose, you can identify which program you wish to support in the comments section when you donate. The allegro account number for Pfunanane’s general donations is SAfr-Myr.001.  In the comments field, simply write “Pfunanane“.